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Payday Loan Payback Structure

decisionOne of the key differences between a cash advance loan and any other type of loan is how the payback process works. In traditional bank loans the ideal is to have a repayment process set up so that the principle is lowered with every payment. In fact, this is a mandatory procedure for bank loans so that consumers are given the ability to work their way out of the debt over time. Now, that time very greatly depending on the amount and other circumstances, but that does change the fact that paying back principle on a loan is not on a voluntary basis and it is a huge difference of thought and philosophy and this is where many people go down the wrong path when it comes to cash advance loans.


mindThe thought process people have is that I’ll pay the minimums and even if it takes 30 years the loan will eventually go away and my payments will get lower. This pre-conditioned process simply doesn’t apply to the payday loan industry.

The reason being is that it is not mandatory that you pay any principle when you make a payment. You are only obligated to pay the fees and interest that has accumulated. Paying on the principle is strictly on a voluntary basis and people are not accustom to having that level of freedom when it comes to a loan’s payback structure.


What this means is that even if you pay the minimum amount a hundred times over, the amount you owe and the amount of money you are expected to pay does not change. It does not get lower because the principle doesn’t get lower. That’s problem #1 in the difference between traditional and no credit check required loans.


The next big difference when using no credit check loans¬†is the mind shift from paying the minimal amounts on bills such as credit card debt and paying a little extra. With one, no matter what, if you pay the minimums you are still paying the loan off and your next payment can be smaller than your last payment. Paying extra in many people’s mind set simply means you have less money to spend on other things during the month. And although debts such as credit cards come with a very long term payoff point, your payments do get smaller so you’re mandatory payments do as well.


Even when some people are point blank taught the difference in how the payments work with next day loans for emergencies, they still choose to not pay principle when making payments. People will still ask question such as, “How many more payments do I have?” The answer of course, based on a zero principle payment system is forever… Or at least until you break the pattern of paying minimums and begin to apply a financial pay structure that includes paying off principle… And the thing is, paying principle is exactly what people pay on every other type of loan and never complain about it. You can chose to do the same with payday next day loans.


Using Direct Payday Lenders No Third Party Loans: You even have a choice between having your application added to a large database and having loan companies compete for your business, or you can contact direct payday loan lenders Рno 3rd party brokers get involved in this approach. You get to work with one company and you get your loan with less back and forth conversations, but you also minimize your options. The bottom line is you must choose (again your choice) what is right for you.

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